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The Ultimate Craft Beer Guide To Bucharest

Romania has a long-standing beer culture and beer pubs (berării) have played an important role in Romanian social life since the 19th century. With an average anual beer consumption of 100 litres per capita, Romanians are among the top beer consumers in the world. Like in many other countries, craft beer has also made its introduction and new breweries open up every year. Being the capital and having a vibrant nightlife, Bucharest is leading the way when it comes to craft beer. Although the Romanian craft beer market is still in its early stages, Bucharest already has many small breweries, taprooms, and craft beer bars, but you need to know where to look. So if you’re into craft beer, this is your ultimate guide to the best places to sip on some locally brewed craft beers in Bucharest.

Breweries, Brew Cafes, And Taprooms

Whether procuced on-site, or elsewhere, Bucharest has many breweries, brewpubs, and taprooms where you can taste their own brews.

1. Zăganu

Zăganu was founded in 2013 and named after the mountain where the brewery is located. You can find their beers around the country, but their own brewpub probably has the best selection, including the newest experimental brews. You can find them on Victory Boulevard (Calea Victoriei), a short walk north from the old town.

Address: Calea Victoriei 91-93

2. Hop Hooligans Taproom

Hop Hooligans is an independent Bucharest-based micro-brewery which has quickly gained a name for itself. They have some best-sellers, including their flagship IPA called ‘Crowd Control’ but they also like to experiment a lot with unusual flavours. You can come across their beers in several beer bars or go to their own taproom, which is located in a beautiful historic building with a small garden, which is just a 10 minute walk from University Square.

Address: Strada Jean Luis Calderon 49

3. Anagram Brewery

Anagram Brewery is another independent micro-brewery in Bucharest, but they have their taproom at their brewery. They are located next to Lake Morii, which has a nice boardwalk for walking, running, or cycling which will definitely earn you a freshly poured craft beer afterwards. They will gladly advise you and offer you a sample of any of their draft beers before buying a full glass.

Address: Platforma Industrială Grantmetal, Strada Mehadia 43

4. Ironic Taproom

Ironic is a micro-brewery from Ilfov-County, just outside Bucharest, but their taproom is located very close to the old town. They have a large selection on tap, which is conveniently priced per 100 milliliter so for each beer you can decide how much you’d like to have.

Address: Strada Domnița Anastasia 4

5. No Room Taproom

No Room Taproom is located just a few steps away from Ironic Taproom and as the name already suggests, it’s the smallest bar on this lists, and probably even the smallest bar in Bucharest. There’s no space inside, so it’s best visited on a sunny day when you can hang outside, but their awesome selection definitely makes it worth a stop on your beer itinerary. No Room Taproom is owned by Bucharest based Maktoob Brewing, which collaborates closely with OneTwo Brewery from Timișoara, so you’ll mostly see beers from those two breweries on tap, including some unique collaboration brews.

Address: Strada Ion Brezoianu 9

6. Fabrica Grivița

Fabrica Grivița is a brewery and pub with a large outdoor terrace located in the Grivița neighborhood. It is named after the historic Grivița brewery that once stood near the Basarab Train Station. They produce a small but growing selection of beers that are produced on-site. You can also find their best selling beers in some other bars and in supermarkets.

Address: Șoseaua Orhideelor 2

7. Ground Zero Taproom

Ground Zero is a local Bucharest-based micro-brewery that was established by two brothers in 2015. They got the idea after they had their first taste of (imported) craft beer at the first craft beer bar in Bucharest. They produce small batches and like to experiment with new flavors which has given them a hip image. In 2023 they have opened their taproom just off University Square in the old town.

Address: Strada Toma Caragiu 3

8. Berestroika – Beer Revolution!

Berestroika – Beer Revolution! probably offers the most unusual combination you’ve ever seen: an Indian restaurant (all Hallal food) with its own brewery on-site. They only produce four different beers, but we haven’t found these Berestroika beers anywhere else, which makes this a must visit if want to ‘try them all’. The Indian food is delicious too, so you’d better arrive with an empty stomach.

Address: Aleea Căuzași 57

9. Csíki Sör

Csíki Sör is a Transylvanian brewery established in 2014 to bring old regional beer recipies that had disappeared back to life. The Sânsimion-based brewery follows the Bavarian purity guidelines by not adding any modern chemical ingredients to their beers. The Csíki Sör brew restaurant in Bucharest’s old town is nicely decorated in Transylvanian style and the staff wears beautiful traditional clothing. On each table, you can find a newspaper with their food menu and beer selection, which contains more then 10 different Csíki beers.

Address: Strada Covaci 6

Curtea Berarilor Timișoreana in Bucharest

10. Curtea Berarilor Timișoreana

Timișoreana is now one of the most well-known beer brands in Romania but their factory was established out of necessity to purify liquids and supply the old citadel of Timișoara with water (and beer). There’s no better place to have a taste of Timișoreana than right at their historic factory, but since that’s an 8 hour drive from Bucharest, the best alternative is to order a freshly poured pint at one of their restaurants, which also serve delicious traditional food. In Bucharest you can find Curtea Berarilor Timișoreana in the heart of the old town.

Address: Strada Șelari 9-11

Beraria Nenea Iancu in Bucharest Old Town

11. Beraria Nenea Iancu

Nenea Iancu was a character in one of the books of Ion Luca Caragiale, a famous historic Romanian writer who was also a beer lover and a frequent visitor of the former restaurant on the site that is now Beraria Nenea Iancu. The restaurant was also a brewery and one of the historic ‘inns’ of the old town and the place where the famous Romanian skinless sausages called ‘mici’ were invented. Nenea Iancu beers are now produced in Germany and distributed around Romania, but why not have one at this characteristic historic place? They have different types of beers and delicious traditional food.

Address: Strada Covaci 3

Craft Beer Bars

You don’t need to brew your own beer to attract craft beer lovers. Here are the best bars with a wide and rotating selection of beers that will make you want to keep coming back.

12. Bere Si Bere

Bere si Bere means “Beer and Beer” so it’s very obvious what they sell. The small but cosy bar in the old town has a surprisingly large selection of Romanian and foreign beers, including some on tap.

Address: Strada Gobroveni 4

Beer O'Clock craft beer bar

13. Beer O’Clock

Next door is Beer O’Clock, where it’s always time for another one. They have a large selection of 20 draft beers and an even larger selection of cans and bottles from around Romania and abroad.

Address: Strada Gabroveni 4

Beer Station craft beer bar

14. Beer Station

Yup, that’s three in a row on Gabroveni Street as Beer Station is yet another craft beer bar. It was opened by the same craft beer pioneers as Bere si Bere, as the two pubs were the first craft beer bars in Bucharest. They have around 10 beers on tap and a large selection of bottles and cans.

Address: Strada Gabroveni 4

15. Zeppelin Pub

Zeppelin Pub is located in the Armenian Quarter, a 10 minute walk from University Square and not far from the Hop Hooligans Taproom. You can sit indoors or outdoors in their small but cosy garden. They have a good selection of cans and bottles.

Address: Strada Marin Serghiescu 7

16. Happy Pub

Happy Pub is a craft beer bar which offers a decent selection of Romanian and foreign craft beers, including up to 16 brews on tap. You can find them right behind the Central University Library Carol I.

17. Le Bab Charles De Gaulle

Le Bab is a restaurant chain with delicious food, but if you like craft beers you should definitely go to Le Bab at Charles de Gaulle Square, which used to be a Mikkeler brewpub. Unlike the other Le Bab branches, they have 20 taps with a unique selection of craft beers and still serve a selection of Mikkeler beers.

Craft Markets

Another place to find delicious craft beers in Bucharest is at craft markets. Food trucks have made their introduction to the city and several urban spaces have turned into hip markets with handicraft sellers, food stalls, and craft beers. These markets usually open between April/May and close again after the summer.

18. Kraft Market

Kraft Market is located behind the Novotel hotel, just off Victory Boulevard (Calea Victoriei) and has a large bar in the middle with several food stalls around it.

Address: Strada Matei Millo 8

Food Hood craft market

19. Food Hood

If you continue further north on Victory Boulevard and turn left before the Museum of Art Collections you’ll find another craft market called Food Hood. Pebbles, beach chairs, graffity and music give you a real urban beach feeling here. Enjoy some craft beers, food or even do some shopping here!

Address: Calea Griviței 15

20. Mercato Kultur

Another, somewhat smaller market, Mercato Kultur, can be found further north, next to the Monument of the Heroes of the Air and the French Church. This is a great stop after visiting any of the nearby museums around that area.

Take Away Craft Beer

Don’t feel like going out to the pub but like to have a drink at home or in your hotel? No problem, as craft beers are widely available for takeaway.

21. Take Away Draft Beer

Around the city there are several beer ‘filling stations’ who will fill a plastic bottle with a craft beer of your choice, freshly poured and ready for takeaway at the right temperature. This is a cheaper alternative to ordering takaway beers in a bar.

22. Bottle Shops And Supermarkets

You can also find several bottle shops with a decent selection of craft beers around the city. The Beer Institute has several locations and probably has the largest selection, but the small liquor stores between the bars of the old town also sell some chilled craft beers. The beer sections in supermarkets have also grown a lot, with the best selections to be found in the larger supermarkets like Carrefour and Kaufland, which also offer some beers already refrigerated.

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